Thursday, November 7, 2013

Windy harvest day at the Farm!

The past three years were crazy with our family getting bigger. Gardening job was way behind the schedule. But, thank God, we still harvest more than enough compared to what we use and to the work we do.

Today it was apples and pears day. The crunchiest and juiciest apples I have ever tasted. As you can see, worms love them too :). Which means they are chemicals freeeeeee!!!! 

We also got some various types of squashes, sweet corn to seed next spring and a few great beets.

Beets found their way in the pot and transformed into a beautiful and tasty salad. This little man appreciated it as you can see :)

And because one rule of thumb in our home is not to throw food away, I also used the leaves to cook vegetarian sarmaleThe stuffing was: onion, peppers, champignon mushrooms, carrots, parsley leaves, quinoa and seasonings. I used some garam masala as well, simply because we enjoy Asian spices. 
So, if you'd like the recipe just let me know! Will post some pictures later on!

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