Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Farm is at risk!

Yes, yes, you got it right! The Romanian Government approved the hydraulic fracturing in our area. You can find the document here (nr 1187).

As you might know, this is a highly dangerous project which affects lands, waters, and ALL living beings. The level of pollution is beyond imagination and the consequences can be devastating.

People in the village have no idea of what is going on, therefore we are trying to spread the news. 

If you would like a closer look to what life looks like with hydraulic fracturing in your area, there is a documentary you can watch - Gasland

P.S. You might ask yourselves which is the reason for this post to be written in English since it concerns Romanians only. Well, it's just to let everyone know the challenges and the worries we experience. Also, if any of our friends abroad has any information about NGOs which might help in this area (information, documents, campaigns) it will be extremely helpful to get some contacts.

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